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12/29/2012 Telling Time Pdf Worksheet Generator! Practice telling time with the new worksheet generator.
04/27/2011 MATHO featured! MATHO listed as a featured App on the Android Market!
02/21/2011 MATHO rewritten in Flash! Same gameplay and graphics as Android version. Shares same global scores as Android Phone version!
02/15/2011 MATHO released for Android Phones! Enhanced graphics and gameplay!
09/21/2009 MATHO2 game released for the iPhone/iPod touch!
04/16/2009 MATHO game released for the iPhone/iPod touch!
06/30/2008 Updated non-java Matho Games - Now just click on the button to enter an answer!
05/05/2008 Updated Hidden Picture Game - Updated to include over 50 new pictures with details of each. Includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Contains ability to set difficulty.
02/11/2006 Counting Money Worksheets - Added options to select the maximum number of each coin or dollar.
01/13/2006 Planet Blaster Basics - Practice addition, subtraction multiplication and division while defending your planet!
11/16/2005 Order Of Operations Homework Helper - Get step-by-step solutions to your order of operations problems!
10/04/2005 Planet Blaster Game - Practice algebra and defend your planet!
07/06/2005 Analog Clock Flashcards - Practice telling time on analog clocks!
01/11/2005 Pdf Order Of Operations Worksheet Generator - Create Order of Operations worksheets!
12/06/2004 Server memory and CPU upgraded!
05/06/2004 Pdf Money Worksheet Generator - Count your money with the Pdf Money Worksheets!
04/22/2004 Pdf Decimal Worksheet Generator - Generate your own Pdf Worksheets with decimal problems!
04/14/2004 Aplusmath.com listed on Sun Microsystems java technology page. See Sun's Java site.
04/07/2004 321 Math CDROM - You can now purchase aplusmath (called 321 Math) on CDROM.
09/10/2003 NEW! - Pdf Worksheet Generator - Generate your own Pdf Worksheets! Create, download, print or post them on your class web site.
11/21/2001 A+ Math recognized by "Education on the Internet" newsletter. See the article here.
11/14/2001 Counting Money Worksheets - Practice counting your money!
8/27/2001 Online Fractions Worksheets - Practice reducing, adding and multiplying fractions...all online.
7/04/2001 Algebra Worksheets - Practice your basic algebra skills by solving linear equations.
6/06/2001 New Spelling Website! - Spelling flashcards, spell checker, dictionary browser and dictionary search are now available at
1/25/2001 Online Worksheets - Create worksheets, fill in the answers online and get them corrected instantly!
1/24/2001 Yahooligans! - A+ Math named in this week's Yahooligans! 5 Coolest Sites!
11/24/2000 US News and World Report - A+ Math mentioned in US News and World Report magazine and web site! November, 2000 Edition
11/24/2000 Worksheets - Worksheets now go up to 100 problems.
10/23/2000 Custom Flashcards - Create individual flashcards for printing!
9/05/2000 Worksheets with decimals - Added decimal addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
6/15/2000 Rewrote Java Concentration Games - Loads much faster and looks better!
5/9/2000 Math Word Find - Print your own math word find puzzles!
4/19/2000 Fraction Worksheets
3/27/2000 Java matho games rewritten. They load much faster!
9/29/99 Worksheets - Create worksheets to practice your math offline!
8/25/99 Flashcard Creator - Now you don't have to buy your flashcards. You can create and print them online!
6/24/99 Prime Numbers - Check to see if the number you enter is a Prime Number.
2/24/99 Concentration game written using Java...much faster! (Addition and Multiplication versions.)
12/24/98 Matho game written using Java...much faster! (Addition and Multiplication versions.)
12/20/98 Hidden picture game written using Java...much faster! (Addition and Multiplication versions.)
12/08/98 Java flashcards - Flashcards written using Java...much faster, sounds added (flashcards section)
11/02/98 Square Root flashcards - Practice your square roots.(flashcards section)
10/28/98 Rounding flashcards - Round off numbers to the specified place value(flashcards section)
10/14/98 Interactive Addition Table - Learn how to use an addition table interactively.
10/14/98Area flashcards - calculate the area of several geometric shapes(flashcards section)
10/13/98 Interactive Multiplication Table - Learn how to use a multiplication table interactively.
10/08/98New web design...We hope you like it!
10/05/98Fraction inequality flashcards - compare fractions(flashcards section)
09/23/98Algebra flashcards - solve basic algebra problems(flashcards section)
09/09/98Inequality flashcards - compare large numbers(flashcards section)
08/27/98 Basic math flashcards with negative numbers - do Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division with negative numbers(flashcards section)

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